Gazing Beyond the Aura

Develop Your Intuitive Energy Reading Skills

~ Intermediate ~

12-Week TeleCourse
10:00 am Pacific Standard Time

Begins Thursday, April 24, 2014
(Saturday Class Begins April 26, 2014)

This course is the natural next step for deepening one’s intuitive awareness and abilities. Building on the Basic Method learned in the first course, we venture into such areas as the chakras, spirit guide(s), specialty readings, past lives, ancestral connections, astral travel, and more. Students will be taught a variety of energy tools and refinements designed to further develop their reading skills as well as enhance their personal growth.

Guided practice labs create a safe place for students to explore their unique and emerging intuitive reading talents. The practical application of what’s been learned is key in achieving success, so practice also takes place outside class in small groups assigned by the instructor. Additionally, private sessions between student and teacher can help the student gain clarity on their skill in a more personal and direct level.

Prerequisite: “So You Want to Read an Aura… – Basic Method”

Course Details:

  • 12 Instruction Classes
  • Practice Labs interspersed (Instructor-Guided Student Readings)
  • Class length: 90-minutes, approximately (may run slightly overtime)
  • Weekly Homework:
    • Method Practice: 60 minutes total
    • Individual Technique Practice: 15 minutes, most days
  • Limited to 12 participants due to personalized learning.


  • In-class instruction, practice, and discussion with Q & A time.
  • Downloadable FunSheets for clarification purposes.
  • In-class reading/coaching by instructor as is directly related to lessons and practice.
  • Instructor-assigned buddies for Intuitive Energy Reading practice outside of class.
  • Private FB Group Forum for questions, answers, support, sharing, and those wild stories.
  • Telephone call-in number provided upon registration (any long-distance charges are responsibility of participant).
  • All classes will be recorded and available for download.


  • One Private 30-minute Session with Instructor.
  • One Private 20-minute Session with Advanced Students.

Course Fee:

  • $380


If you would like to sign up for the course and/or have any questions, please contact me via this form: