So, You Want to Read an Aura…

Learn to do Intuitive Energy Readings for Yourself and Others

~ Basic Method ~

12-Week TeleCourse
Begins Tuesday, April 22, 2014
10:00 am Pacific Standard Time

(A Saturday class on 1/18/14 at 10:00 am PST is nearly formed.
If you are interested, please let me know via the comment form below – thanks!)

The skill of Reading Energy (also called being intuitivepsychic readingclairvoyance/clairsentience, etc.) is not something only certain “special” individuals can do. It is an ability inherent in each of us. In other words, anyone who is interested can learn. Developing this skill simply calls upon our natural intuitive abilities and requires focus, practice, patience, and a sense of adventure …much like anything else we have a desire to undertake.

This beginning class teaches a basic and essential method for developing one’s ability to read energy. In a safe and gentle environment students will learn tools to help them become conscious of and manage their personal energy, apply this methodology to real life situations, read other people’s energy, and understand their intuitive impressions. We also discuss ethics, translating information vs interpreting, how to handle delicate situations, and much more.

Reading energy is extremely versatile and ideal for anyone wanting to enhance their people-oriented business practice, gain clarity around relationships, and enrich one’s own personal growth. The comprehensive reading structure offered is designed to enrich the seasoned practitioner’s existing work as well as provide the novice with a platform to build upon if they choose to become a Professional Intuitive.

No experience necessary, no prior intuitive experiences required.
All that’s needed is a willingness to explore, a curious mind, and an open heart.


Course Details:

  • Class length: 90-minutes, approximately.
  • Weekly Homework:
    • Method practice: 60 minutes total, sometimes less (begins the 3rd week).
    • Individual technique practice : 10 minutes (at least four days per week).
  • Limited to 12 participants due to personalized learning.


  • In-class instruction, practice, and discussion with time allotted for questions.
  • Downloadable FunSheets for clarification of method and note-taking.
  • In-class reading/coaching by instructor  as is directly related to lessons and practice.
  • In-class, teacher-guided student readings for practice.
  • Instructor-assigned buddies for Intuitive Energy Reading practice outside of class.
  • Private FB Group forum for questions, answers, support, sharing, wild stories, etc.
  • Telephone call-in number provided upon registration (long-distance charges, if any, are responsibility of participant).
  • All calls will be recorded and available for download.


  • One private 30-minute session with Instructor.
  • One private 20-minute session with Advanced Students.

Course Fee:

  • $380.00 (payment plan option available, please contact me for more info)


To Register or Ask a Question…please fill out the form below. If you plan to take the course, please let me know which class day works for you (Thursday or Saturday). If you click the box “Please register me for the class”, a PayPal Invoice will be sent to you along with further information.