Taking Flight

An Intensive 12-Week Practice Course to
Sharpen Your Intuitive Energy Reading Skills

Instructional Class: TBD
Master Class Team Readings: Weekly

This course offers an intensive practice and personalization of the craft of reading intuitively. Emphasis is placed on the student’s unique intuitive style and individuality as they begin blending the intuitive tools they’ve learned in the previous three courses with their own methods, experiences, and wisdom. Special attention is given to the refinement of translating energetic signatures as well as communicating these findings in ways most pertinent to the client.

Master Classes (Instructor-guided Intuitive Energy Readings) provide students with a safe place to further develop and practice their intuitive reading skills. Weekly discussion and instruction classes give students the forum to ask questions, compare notes, review course tools and learn a few new ones.

Two Focus Sessions with the Instructor – one at the start of the program and one at the end – help students get clear about their goals for this course and beyond. Held mid-way through the course, Energy Checks help students understand how their own energy and tools are faring.

The main focus of this course is practice – it’s the way you gain confidence, develop clarity, and truly understand your intuitive abilities. But it’s also about enjoying what you do, uncovering your energetic path,
and discovering yourself in the process.

Prerequisite: Upon approval of  instructor (which sounds rather dramatic
but is really just a conversation to gain understanding of your current skill).

This is a cyclical course which allows you to jump in at any time.
Your 12 weeks start when you start.
Maximum of 12 students.

Course Details

  • 12 Weekly Instructional Classes
    • Day/Time – TBD
    • 90 minutes
    • 6 Instruction Classes
    • 6 Discussion Classes
  • 12 Weekly Master Class Team Readings for Intuitive Energy Readings
    • Up to 4 Students per Reading Team
    • Readings held at same time each week; Readers choose day/time; Two times to choose from
    • 60-minute Session
      • 40-minute reading
      • 20-minute discussion
    • Clients brought in by Instructor
    • Master Classes are for instructional purposes as well as for client’s benefit
  • Weekly Actions Outside of Classes
    • Individual Technique Practice – 15- to 20-minutes daily
    • Private Clients – students are to set up Intuitive Energy Readings for their own practice
  • 2 Private, 30-minute, Focus Sessions per Student with Instructor
    • Session 1 “Starting Here” – reading skills & goals (scheduled at beginning of their program)
    • Session 2 “Taking Flight” – evaluation & next steps (at end of their program)
  • Energy Check by Instructor
    • 1 per student
    • 15-minute session to review student’s personal Energy Tools
    • Readings held mid-way through their program
  • Private FB Group Forum for questions, answers, support, sharing
  • Telephone call-in number provided upon registration (long-distance charges, if any, are the responsibility of participant)
  • Instructional classes are recorded and available for download (Master Classes are not recorded)

Course Fee

  • $647.00 (course can be repeated in full if desired)

The Refresher

If you have completed this course and would like to refresh your reading skills sometime, here is an option for you:

  • $235.00 for 4 Weeks (begins when you want; weeks must be consecutive)

Sign-Up Process

If you are interested in taking this course or have any questions, please fill out the form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours.