What Folks Say about the Classes…

“Beverly is a fantastic teacher with an incredible depth of  knowledge and an unbelievable willingness to share. She also holds a safe place with a great deal of compassion to learn and practice your developing skills. The best experience from this class is a reopening of the door of connectedness which is incredibly magical!”  ~ Monica Witt, Life Coach, http://www.monicawittlifecoach.com


“I have tried several times to learn how to ground and center my energy. Beverly makes it so simple and easy to understand that I have made it a constant practice in my everyday life. It makes a huge difference in my sense of well being.” ~ Anne Marie Rowe, Rowe Together, http://www.rowetogether.com


“What a profound gift this class has been on so many levels. It is so much more than a “how to” method. This is an Experience! Beverly is incisive, playful, generous, patient, wise, and gifted. She makes accessing your innate intuitive abilities simple, relevant, attainable, and FUN. Not only did the class exceed my expectations, but the Bonus private session is worth the price of admission on it’s own. Let’s just say, Beverly knows stuff….and she’s not afraid to share it….and I for one am so grateful.” ~ Gail Blesch, Coaching Love, http://www.gailblesch.com


I can’t say enough about Beverly and her class on Aura reading.  When she first told me about it, I was resistant … I figured it would be another class which would consist of me trying to get in touch with my woo, then being very disappointed I did not, and regret spending the money.  So I told her no. 

“Then at the last minute, I signed up.  I’m SOOO glad I did. Beverly has the ability to make the ‘woo’ of aura reading a very practically application of getting in touch with your intuition, following it, and then gathering evidence that it was on target – or not – which shows you where you need to fine-tune your methods of listening to your intuition instead of doubting it!  

“What she shows you in a very brilliant way is how to tap into your innate intuitive abilities…the abilities you were born with…the ones you know you have, deep down, but you’ve just lost touch with them along the way somehow.  This is not woo – this is getting in touch with the gifts you’ve always had, just like a good teacher can help you tap into and hone your science, math, or language skills. 

“She helps you resurrect, trust, and USE your intuition in practical ways every day, in all areas of your life.  She even has an Ethics section in class – super high integrity!  This class is awesome, and exactly what I needed to trust my gifts again – and know they are useful and real, not just a fluke.  And that last minute sign up for this class?  …yup – intuition that I can now call upon when I need it, rather than just hoping I get that good old gut feel.” ~ Deb Droz, Whole Wellness Living, http://www.debdroz.com