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INTUITIVE MEDITATION … for the Reluctant Meditator

We all know meditation is good for us. You’ve seen the studies, the lists of benefits, the stories of success. Perhaps you’ve even thought about meditating – maybe you tried it once or twice….or more. How did it go? Was it all you envisioned it to be?

If you have attempted to meditate but it didn’t quite click or was hard to maintain or you felt bored, I have some news – you are not alone!

Many people find it difficult to meditate…even if they’ve experienced those promised benefits. We are busy people with busy lives.  But we also have a strong internal desire to step back for a moment and gain perspective, to reconnect with our soul, and to simply be. It is a vital part of our wellbeing.

Intuitive Meditation helps you develop a viable meditation practice by focusing on the core principles of meditation and applying them to your unique self. The method is rooted in ancient technique with a decidedly modern twist: you design your own meditation practice. Through gentle yet specific guidance, the class begins with a basic structure that you quickly learn to modify.

You soon discover what works for you and how it affects your life. Living from a place of inner calm, greater joy, and overall sense of wellbeing is a natural result of creating a meditation experience that resonates with you and your lifestyle.


Time/Day TBD
limited to 12 Participants
Cost: $75.00 + $5 materials fee

Class Location: The Center for Wellbeing
31 W. Sierra Madre Blvd., Sierra Madre
to Register, please call 626-355-2443
or use this form for questions

Intuitive Meditation Instruction
Essentials for Successful Meditation Practice
Techniques for Discovering your Desired Practice
Brief Email Access Between Classes
One Private 20-minute Coaching Session
Blank Journal + Progress Play-Sheets
Super Easy Home-Play Assignments
a few Surprises