Intuitive Energy Reading

When you feel stuck, are curious about a particular issue or relationship, or want a deeper perspective about what’s happening in your life, a reading is unique in that it gets quickly to the heart of the matter. I read the flow of your life – where it works, where it doesn’t, and what you can do to enhance or change the dynamics (more on what I do here). A reading reveals information from a broad perspective yet offers specific details on how to regain your balance, take action inspired by your intuition, and even enjoy the process.

Readings: Career & Business, Personal Energy Management, Relationship
Speciality Reading: Engaging Your Gifts – how your skills, talents, creativity, and intuition align with your passions and life vision… and what to do if they don’t.

Intuitive Coaching Session

Clarifying, thought-provoking, life-changing – these sessions focus on awareness and transformation. My ability to read energy is prevalent but, more so, the time is geared for you to make long-lasting, brain-changing discoveries and engage in productive practices. We focus on bringing your talents, intuition, and creativity  to life, thus inspiring you to shape a uniquely-balanced life.

Private Training & Mentorship

Our focus here is to discover and hone your specific intuitive abilities. Great care is taken to learn your natural inclinations so that you can best use these unique skills in your life. Perhaps you’ve been having experiences that are difficult to explain. Maybe you are highly sensitive and don’t quite understand how to manage your energy. There is no one answer for everyone – we are individuals with different preferences and desires. Private sessions adapt the general tools I teach to your particular needs.  A session involves intuitive reading/coaching, energy management instruction, creative intuitive assignments, your own practice between sessions, and brief email contact. Be prepared to delve deep and truly explore your abilities.


To schedule a session, please click this link to be connected with my scheduling service. Sessions are conducted by phone (long-distance charges may apply depending upon your phone service).  If you don’t see an appointment time that fits with your schedule or would like additional info, please contact me via this simple form.

30 minutes – $67
(quick and direct, brief interaction, one question, next step)

60 minutes – $125
(time for dialog, three questions, personalized energy/coaching tools, next step)

75 minutes – $150
(ample time for questions and discussion, personalized energy/coaching tools, personalized energy instruction, next step)

Session Package – $450
(custom-designed for your specific needs, 4 sessions, 50 minutes each, includes brief email contact between sessions) 

15-minute Conversation – complimentary
If you are interested in a Session Package designed specifically for your developing intuitive abilities, please contact me here to schedule this free session.  Be sure to include your time-zone in the comments section.