What Clients Experience

“My session with Beverly shined a light on my gifts in a way that inspired me beyond any other self-discovery methods I’ve attempted on my own. I left our session inspired and motivated to create. She’s definitely changing the world, one session at a time!”
Jill Lingwall Farmer, Certified Martha Beck Life Coach

“Beverly’s skillful coaching has made a huge difference in my life.  With her deep intuition and understanding of human nature, she has prompted me to discover new ways to think about and solve problems that have been plaguing me for years.  Beverly’s caring and sensitivity come through in every conversation, and she has helped me connect with the deepest parts of myself.  I enthusiastically recommend her coaching services to anyone!”
Beth C., Michigan

“The work is deep; the approach creative, reflective and gentle. Through Beverly’s insightful coaching, I was able to think about my life in new ways, to open myself up to new possibilities. While the work was not therapy, it was most definitely therapeutic—as both professional and personal options unfolded. I now find myself in a place of increased clarity. Thank you, Beverly!”
Wendy, California

“Beverly is a lovely gem of a coach. She toggles from being practical and straight-forward to magically intuitive, knowing exactly when to appropriately shape-shift between the two.  I came to her with the very practical issue of defining my ideal client and was stuck in a left-brain, how-do-I-make-this-happen mindset. She met me where I was, helping me identify thoughts that weren’t serving me. From there, and without me even realizing it, I felt compelled to define my clients through metaphor and image, finding a unique connection to them.  By releasing the ‘straightforward’ thinking, I was able to see my problem from many creative angles that I wouldn’t have seen if I’d stuck to my usual way.  Beverly’s process feels as though I am definitely being heard, being held, being guided, and then – like magic – I arrive at my deeper awareness because Beverly used her intuition to guide me into the creative places I had forgotten that I knew.  When I landed back with my issue, I found I could build a profile of my client, as well as a working procedure, that fit in the here and now.  It felt as if both the magical and practical realms were working simultaneously.  She is a one-of-a-kind gift to this planet.”
Laura English, Career Strategist and Photographer

“The coaching experience has led me to understand my true potential by replacing my old way of thinking with a more positive and realistic outlook. It really has been valuable to learn how my old thought process gets in the way of moving forward. Thank you!”

Pam, California