Who Is BJ?

a study in Picasso by Thomas


Helloooo there!

My name is BJ Belling.

Scribbler at large.
(or at least in my neighborhood)

In my day job, I’m a Professional Intuitive & Mentor, Certified Creativity & Life Coach which I love. You can find more about my work at Intuitive Arts Studio.




I Practice…

  • not burning dinner
  • meditation (sitting, balancing on one foot, Tai Chi Chuan, yoga –  not all at once)
  • writing
  • compassion
  • honesty (yes, I did finish the last morsel of your chocolate bar)
  • remaining calm during zombie invasions
  • daydreaming
  • classical piano
  • creatively doing something…anything
  • reading materials other than self-help
  • courage (physical, mental, emotional, and in my color-palatte)
  • intuition (you knew that)
  • being rarely balanced
  • making a vat of chocolate-covered raisins last an entire week

And I’ve…

  • done some free-lance writing & blogging
  • performed & toured with The Young Americans & Columbia Artists
  • have been to nearly every state in the USA as well as England, Mexico, Israel, and an airport in France somewhere
  • wrote and performed songs (mainly children’s) on guitar
  • plan to learn the ukelele
  • love collage art, Argentine Tango, Agatha Christie mysteries, surprise trips to garage sales


  • Cary Belling, my life partner, is a composer, conductor, arranger, violinist, science enthusiast, and all around wonderful guy
  • I’m a grateful mom to one exuberant, hilarious, & fabulous teenaged boy