One day while wondering if I’d ever find balance in my life, I spilled coffee on my computer keyboard in the audacious act of swiveling my chair to the right.

Being the fast-acting person that I am, I let out a semi-healthy stream of “what-the-hell’s” to, you know, alert the Electronic-Cleaning Fairies right away.

One must handle this stuff quickly!

The Fairies guided me in the sopping up of liquid.
And the finer points of hair dryers.

They helped me refill my cup.

In solidarity, we stared out the window (a secret Fairy remedy) and prayed to the Goddess of Computers:

“Please let my 137-year-old keyboard live until 138.”

There was a moment of silence.


A Mourning Dove flew by my window.

The keyboard decided to live.





Another person might have processed a similar scenario somewhat differently.

That’s nice.

This is how I do it … until I don’t.

And there you have it.

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