The Why of BJ?

a study in Picasso by Thomas


Helloooo there!

My name is BJ Belling, scribbler at large …
or at least in my neighborhood.

This is some stuff about life that I know and still practice at embodying:

• Humans are each cut from a unique cloth even as we attempt to bond together.

• Humans love to share the fun of  “sameness” even as we admire the rebel.

• Achieving consistent life balance ain’t gonna happen because we are designed to be creative and versatile. This involves experiencing a myriad of life mis/adventures and is how we evolve.

• Moving in and out of balance can be like stepping into and out of a pool of water. It can also be like having a pool of water dumped on you. Either way, there are towels.

• Your balance may be similar but won’t look exactly like mine and vice versa.

• It is in our quirks and preferences that we find meaning in life.

• Your meaning of life may be similar but won’t look exactly like mine and vice versa.

• All this stuff above is what makes us interesting to each other.

• It’s what makes us Rarely Balanced.

Some stuff about me…

  • I’ve done lots of stuff: freelance writing, performing artist, children’s songwriter, database designer, worked in the corporate business world, classical pianist, folk/pop guitar, studied Tai Chi, all sorts of meditation.
  • I am an artist and designer at heart – this is how I see the world.
  • My day job: pop over to Intuitive Arts Studio.
  • My life partner: Cary Belling – composer, conductor, arranger, violinist, science enthusiast, and all around wonderful guy
  • Our fabulous kid: who is in Land of the University now. Not sure when that happened, exactly. The days were long and the years flew by, as they say.