Something New

Hiya! It’s been quite some time since I wrote here so we all know what that means… STORYTIME!

Once upon a time (i.e., 18 months ago), people began asking me if I could teach them to do what I do – intuitive readings & coaching. My general reply was something like “Uh…okay…maybe…hmmm…” My hemming & hawing stemmed from my long ago declaration that I’d do readings, but stop teaching so I could live a “normal life”.


Just try to let go of your truth once it discovers you. That thing will track you down like a pack of teenagers in search of left-over pizza.

IMG_0838So despite whatever it was I thought “normal” was, thinking transpired.
Which turned into scheming.
That evolved into a class.
And then another.
And another.

I was hooked. And because I now had two coaching certifications and lots of inner gnashing of teeth under my belt, I developed a new approach.

As I taught these courses, I watched how students reconnected with their intuitive abilities and noted a couple of things:

1. The more they rediscovered and listened to their own guidance – their own unique intuitive “hits” – the more their lives changed into something authentic and organic. They began taking action from their inner inspiration and creating their lives anew.

2. As confidence in their intuitive abilities grew, so did their communication with their own clients. Students began integrating the techniques with their work, developing stronger focus, clarity, and direction. Often, they discovered their niche.


And then the name “Intuitive Arts Studio” popped into my head like a brilliant light from beyond [insert ethereal music here].

Or… I scribbled stuff all over everything until I drove my family insane and the name resonated with me.

It’s your guess.

I love the word “studio” because a studio provides space to creatively explore. You try things out in a studio. You experiment, screw up, get scared and irritated and passionate. Chaos sets in. Wild stuff happens. Then nothing…maddenly…nothing. Yet, as you stick with it you make a discovery. And eventually…amazingly… something meaningful is created.

The process of learning about your intuition is no different than any other creative process. People need a place to experiment with this stuff, to get reacquainted with their unique intuitive magic. And then they need to remember that they are that magic.

My new website is Intuitive Arts Studio (created by the terrific Florence Moyer of Pecks Beach Design). If you are interested in remaining current with my business musings and offerings, there is a sign-up over there called “Non-Telepathic Communiqué” – an occasional newsletter.

Along with classes, I’ll continue to offer private sessions for intuitive reading and coaching, teaching and mentoring. Info on this can be found on this page: Services.

Rarely Balanced will now become more of a personal and creative blog with no direct focus or timing (so run while you still can).

Blatant plug for the next beginning course which starts on April 22nd   – “So, You Want to Read an Aura…”  The class teaches how to reconnect with your own intuitive abilities by learning to read energy vibration in yourself and other folks. Presently, the classes are designed for people-oriented practitioners such as life coaches, massage therapist, energy workers, etc., and even for those who work with our four-legged, feathered, and sometimes scaly friends. It’s a safe, gentle environment that focuses on self-awareness and practice – a key factor because experience speaks much, much louder than words. Especially YOUR experience.

Thanks for reading and listening. I’ll leave you with this:

May your  intuition joyfully find you as you live Happily Ever After!

The En…trance to something new.

© 2014 Beverly Belling



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